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How much do you know about the internal structure of Weifang generator set?

Speaking of generating units, we think of Weifang for a moment, especially Weifang generating units, which are very well-known in China and even in the world. Of course, we use a lot of them, which are very extensive. The places that need to start power, especially the places with large power, are all needed. It is also very necessary to have an inside understanding of them.

In Weifang generator set, there is a taper support rib which is usually in contact with two or three cam rollers so that the rotation of the input shaft can be uniformly transmitted to the output shaft. If there is a non-smooth condition between the surface of the taper support rib and the roller, it will damage the generator set. This requires adjusting the distance between the axes to eliminate the phenomenon of rotating smoothly. By adjusting the preload to approach the elastic zone of the cam roller and cam, the rigidity of the internal parts can be strengthened. Its structure and function is a combination of indexing cam and cam roller, which can operate at high speed.

Today, we may seldom talk about the internal structure of Weifang generator set, because it is very professional, too professional, so maybe we can not understand and understand, but we can add a little. Http://



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