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Weifang generator set inspection trilogy before use!

Weifang generator set inspection trilogy before use!

Many friends will wonder, how can it be a trilogy? It was not said before. There are seven steps in all. How can it be three? In fact, although we can have more than seven steps if we do it separately, we can have more, but in a comprehensive way, it's very simple, only three are the most fundamental operations, and we will no longer carry out subdivision, so what are these three steps?

First, check whether the rotor is flexible and check the bearing quality.

Secondly, check the inside of the generator carefully. There shall be no sundries to prevent falling into screws, tools, rags and other foreign matters.

Finally, check the lubrication of the generator bearing. The quality and quantity of lubricating oil and grease meet the maintenance requirements.

After making the basic preparations for the three steps, the following is the start-up of Weifang generator set. The preliminary work has been completed, and the later work is running. Http://



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